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Seaija™ 2021 Nigeria's Institution Ranking

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Our Ranking Methodology and Criteria

For Nigerians or foreign nationals trying to choose a suitable university or polytechnic or college of education to attend, this can be a major life decision, but it is also not one that you have to make alone. Seaija rankings can take some of the stress out and ease the process for you. This is why we provide annual ranking of Nigerian institutions, as well as profiles for each and every ranked or unranked institution.

The rankings on this page provide a good starting point for potential students or parent of would-be students trying to compare schools. Our rankings are based on factors that indicate academic quality, environment, graduates of the institutions and the availability of resources.

Nonetheless, we still understand that the best institution for each student, is one that will most completely meet his or her needs, whatever that may be. This is why Seaija also provides the ability to compare institutions side by side, for you to see for yourself how two are different based on your needs.